Anne Corder Recruitment snaps up job seeking candidate to join its growing team

June 16, 2023

Having worked with Anne Corder Recruitment as both a hiring client and job-seeking candidate for over 20 years, Sarah-Jane Bond has now secured a role as a Recruitment Specialist within the agency’s own growing team.


Sarah-Jane first worked with the recruitment firm as a candidate and joined RNIB as a temporary PA before moving into an operations management role. As part of this role, she stayed in contact with Nel Woolcott, now Anne Corder Recruitment’s managing director, and worked with the agency to recruit temporary workers.


Anne Corder Recruitment was her first point of call once again when she moved on from RNIB, and before long the agency had helped her secure another operations manager role where she would regularly pick up the phone to Nel and the team to hire staff and place vacancies.


However, when Sarah-Jane reached out recently in search of the next step in her own career, Nel promptly offered her a role within the agency’s very own team.


“Sarah-Jane has always felt very much part of the ACR family,” says Nel “and it felt like it was the right time to make it official. She and I have had several conversations over the years about joining the business, but the time was never quite right – until now!”


Nel added, “We always knew she was a clever recruiter and can spot the perfect candidate for her own team at ten paces – she is now using that expertise to support our clients in building their own brilliant teams. She has an amazing ability to connect easily with clients and candidates and really understands what it is they are looking for. She will be a brilliant asset to our already fabulous team!”


Sarah-Jane said, “I have felt at home as part of the Anne Corder Recruitment team from day one. They really do care about providing the best service for their clients and candidates. I’m so pleased to be part of such a successful team and am looking forward to contributing to our ambitious growth plans this year.”

With two more additions to the team already planned, Anne Corder Recruitment is building on the significant growth it saw in 2022 and strengthening its team with more talented people to help meet increasing client and candidate demand.