Are you ready to take your reporting to new heights?

April 30, 2020

Have you ever dreamed of consolidating your different digital analytics and reporting tools into one simple report, or to automate the process of collecting and analysing your commercial reporting, if so then Google Data Studio (GDS) may be the answer.

More productive use of your time
If you would benefit from spending more time analysing your reports and using your insights to implement change, and less time handling data, playing with spreadsheets and combining data into readable reports, then embracing this amazing tool is a no-brainer in our minds.

Combine multiple data sources
Allowing you to effortlessly combine your Google Analytics data with stats from your social networks, your spreadsheets, data feeds from Hubspot, ad platforms, and Mailchimp, to name only a few of the available data sources.

What is Google Data Studio
GDS is part of Google’s Marketing Platform, a collection of products for advertising and analytics, providing a powerful tool for turning data into dashboards and reports. Previously seen as an intimidating enterprise-class solution, it’s a new interface, with flexible connectors and some great free learning resources makes it accessible for everyone.

Data Studio is Google’s reporting solution which gives you everything you need to turn your data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through visualisation.

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