ATG & CyberScale Strategic Alliance

April 1, 2024

On 1st April 2024 CyberScale and Advanced Threat Group (ATG) formally recognised a strategic alliance aimed at providing their clients with an optimal combination of strategic advice and technical support around Cyber & Information Security.

Effectively managing cyber related threats, and the resultant risks to business operations, reputation, and profitability, increasingly requires a combination of expertise and experience seldom available from all but the largest service providers. Our shared objective is to provide both the strategic, business focused visibility, advice and security oversight typically only available from a specialist security provider, coupled with the core security products, technical management and support provided by an experienced IT Managed Service Provider.

Darren Chapman, CyberScale’sfounder and Managing Director and Guy Pyle, ATG’s Managing Director have long been connected in a professional capacity and have both enjoyed success in their respective organisations.

Darren and CyberScale bring a specialism and vast experience within the strategic advisory, governance, risk and compliance side of cyber & information security whilst Guy and ATG pride themselves on being a reputable business centric technological advisor.

The collaboration of CyberScale and ATG will enable both organisations to offer their clients the most effective combination of products and services across IT Support and Cyber & Information Security management, delivered by true specialists in their respective fields.

Darren Chapman said ‘a formal collaboration with ATG was an easy decision to make, we both work and understand technology and security but more so we both strive to ensure that the solutions we offer our customers are purely based on the best fit for the business’.

‘Guy and I have both observed a concerning trend of many service providers extending their service portfolios into areas outside of their core areas of expertise, to the potential detriment of their clients. We firmly believe that a collaborative approach between experienced organisations, specialists within their respective fields, offers a more effective solution to the ongoing challenges faced by business of all sizes’.

Guy believes that working with CyberScale will bring a new and exciting suite of services to ATG as well as bringing security awareness and compliance to the forefront organisations IT strategy


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