Beyond Brexit: information for businesses wanting to hire EU nationals

July 1, 2021

Many organisations are wondering how they can employ EU nationals following the deadline of the EU Settlement Scheme on 30 June 2021.

Julie Moktadir, Head of Immigration at Cambridge law firm Stone King, says EU nationals can be hired in the same way as non-EU nationals, in that those arriving into the UK from 1 January 2021 will require a visa and possibly sponsorship to work.

“In addition, EU nationals may have a family visa which permits work, therefore sponsorship may not be needed,” said Julie.

“However, if this is not the case there are a number of routes under the points-based system for sponsorship, including routes for short-term work (T5 routes) and long-term work (T2 routes).

“Skilled workers and ministers of religion are included under the T2 routes while temporary workers, charitable workers and religious workers are included under the T5 routes.

“When deciding which route is most suitable, consideration should be given to the role you are recruiting for and the duration of the position.

“If you’re unsure whether your organisation requires a sponsorship licence an important question to ask is whether you have previously relied on the free movement of EU nationals to the UK when recruiting to positions.”

Businesses and individuals who would like immigration advice can contact Julie Moktadir on 0800 111 4336, or email