Cambridge Building Society donates another £5k to aid local homeless

August 24, 2021

The Cambridge Building Society will again donate £5,000 to help tackle homelessness in Cambridge.

The Society is giving £5,000 to Allia to fund the building of additional modular homes to provide accommodation for more homeless people to benefit from the opportunity to live independently.

Allia is working in partnership with It Takes A City to design, build and install three more mobile homes as part of scheme of at least six units to get rough sleepers off the streets of Cambridge.

Last year The Cambridge also donated £5,000 to help homeless charity, Jimmy’s Cambridge, kit out two of Allia’s pioneering modular homes – a vital new facility that ensures those who are homeless can live independent lives.

The donation equipped and furnished the modular homes with essentials such as kitchen appliances and utensils, beds and sofas.

“Our purpose is to support local communities and help provide access to homes and housing,” said The Cambridge’s Chief Commercial Officer, Carole Charter.

“It can be difficult for some people to access affordable and safe housing in Cambridge and our donations recognise the great work that Allia does in supporting them. We’re delighted to help fund these mods to provide the accommodation rough sleepers need to live independent lives.”

The three new modular homes are currently being built in Cambridge by Allia’s fabrication partner, New Meaning Foundation, a charity which trains disadvantaged young people in modern methods of construction. When completed they will be moved to sites contributed by the University of Cambridge and the City Council.

Martin Clark, Allia Group Director of Impact, said: “I’m deeply grateful to The Cambridge for giving funds that help us launch these homes that make a real difference to people’s lives.

“This donation helps bring our vision to life. We hope that eventually there will be more such innovative projects to provide enough housing for all who need it.”