Better CCTV will improve security at rail stations across East Anglia

October 20, 2021

A new state-of-the-art CCTV system should help deter thieves and vandals at rail stations across East Anglia and keep all customers and staff safer.

Train operator, Greater Anglia, has now completed an upgrade of CCTV systems at every station – moving to a system which will record much high-definition images, is more reliable and allows for remote viewing stations.

Greater Anglia now has over 2,000 CCTV cameras at its stations and over 3,000 on trains, with up to 111 cameras at one station, increasing CCTV coverage to assist in the detection and prevention of crime in the region. All sites have also been interconnected on a dedicated secure CCTV network allowing for remote monitoring and downloading at authorised Greater Anglia CCTV and Control Rooms.

The system has been connected to the British Transport Police’s Digital Evidence Management Portal so that footage can be electronically uploaded without significant delay, speeding up investigations. Additionally, direct integration with the British Transport Police CCTV monitoring Centre at Ebury Bridge is in progress. The solution allows for high-definition footage to be stored for 30 days in accordance with accepted guidelines. Images are crystal clear with the new system and offer better coverage of the station platforms and waiting areas.

In addition, a new dedicated CCTV Control Room has been established at Liverpool Street and remote viewing is also already in place at Greater Anglia’s Operational Control Centre at Romford. Not only can the system be used to provide CCTV to the police to help with evidence gathering and prosecutions, but it can also be used by Greater Anglia to assess and provide insight into delays and operational incidents.

Further projects are planned to establish and integrate CCTV access on the new trains and staff body cams.

Simone Bailey, Greater Anglia’s Asset Management Director, said: “We take our customers’ security very seriously so we are pleased to have completed this project to help safeguard them and their possessions while using our stations.

“The message is clear. If you are intending to commit a crime at a rail station in East Anglia, our CCTV will provide us with very clear footage that will help us to identify and prosecute you.”

Greater Anglia has a long-term commitment to upgrading station CCTV and has taken advantage of improvements in technology to create a fully integrated video surveillance system that is a significant improvement on the previous stand-alone systems. The train operator also plans to monitor the footage during disruption to help review and improve customers’ experience at stations.