Domino Printing plays pioneering role in future of barcode data

March 22, 2022

A Cambridge company is playing a leading role in the evolution of 2D barcodes which are set to revolutionise the delivery of important data to manufacturers and consumers.

Domino Printing is supporting its customers as they move towards two-dimensional barcodes – 2D codes – which have the capacity to not only carry more data, but in some cases unique information on each pack.

The growth in 2D codes presents an opportunity for manufacturers looking to enable data exchange for traceability, supply chain visibility, authentication, and consumer safety purposes, as well as promotional and marketing activities.

Domino is using its printing technologies to support the move, optimising its coding and marking capabilities to work in this data-rich world – with printers and coders able to handle variable data, and high-speed printing of high-quality, compliant, 2D codes on a range of packaging types and materials.

The company has also developed verification systems and solutions to check code accuracy and facilitate data sharing up and down supply chains.

Lee Metters, Group Business Development Director at Domino, says: “Society has woken up to the use of 2D codes on a global level and we have already seen them used, with great success, in the pharma market, with legislation including the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

“This success can now be replicated in other industries to bring a greater wealth of product data to consumers, retailers, and everyone involved within global supply chains, without slower line speeds or production waste due to unreadable codes.

“As a world-leading coding and marking provider, with expertise helping brands to fulfil regulatory serialisation requirements via 2D codes, and long-standing partnerships with key industry associations, Domino is well-placed to help manufacturers prepare for this new dimension in barcodes.”