Domino Printing enhances customer support with new virtual applications

August 16, 2021

A Cambridge company has expanded its ‘digital-first’ programme to extend customer support via remote services, with a suite of new virtual applications.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Domino Printing introduced virtual product demo rooms, a laser sampling lab and an augmented reality support application – all providing accessible alternative options to face-to-face contact with customers worldwide.

In the US, the Digital Printing team is maintaining its connection with customers by providing virtual product demonstrations of the latest digital printing solutions. These take place live via Microsoft Teams and are fully personalised, offering the customer an experience comparable to attending an in-person demonstration.

Virtual product demonstrations are performed using the Domino Virtual Assistant, a combination of devices including main-view and hand-held cameras and a viewing screen that helps connect the presenter to the viewing audience and vice versa. Assistant can toggle between views, zoom in on objects, and provide personalised animations, pop-ups, and additional information at a customer’s request.

The Coding & Marking team in France has developed a similar system for demonstrating industrial printing products via Microsoft Teams. The newly unveiled C&M Demo Room is equipped with specialist webcams, a wireless microphone, and a laptop and viewing screen, which allow the presenter to interact directly with the customer.

At the Domino Laser Academy in Hamburg, Domino’s laser specialists scientifically analyse substrate samples to determine which of Domino’s extensive range of laser technologies is most suited to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Before COVID-19, customers would attend the labs for an overview of Domino’s laser portfolio and conduct the sample testing in person, together with the company’s laser experts.

Now customers are connected to the Laser Academy via Microsoft Teams, where they can view the sample testing process in real-time. A designated camera operative equipped with specialist audio-visual equipment takes the place of the customer to provide a live stream of the sample testing process. Sample test results are also displayed on-screen in real-time.

Will Edwards, Director of Channels, Domino says: “The benefits of digitalisation have come to the forefront during COVID-19, with many companies embracing new technologies to keep things moving and Domino is no exception.

“Many of our ongoing digitalisation projects were completed ahead of time to help continue supporting customers. The last few months have therefore provided insight into how these types of services can offer additional benefits to customers going forward.”

In addition, Domino recently launched a new augmented reality support application, Domino Safeguard AR, which provides virtual customer support via a smartphone or tablet. It has been particularly useful in overcoming limitations to on-site visits by service engineers during the global lockdowns.