Domino Printing supports vital sectors in current crisis

March 30, 2020

A Cambridge company is demonstrating its commitment to supporting its customers in vital sectors in the current COVID-19 crisis – in order to maintain supply chains in the face of soaring demand for essential products.

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Domino Printing has seen a significant global rise in demand for its printing equipment, inks, consumables, spares and service support from manufacturers in key sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices and food and beverage.

Customers use Domino equipment to comply with Government and Industry regulations in these sectors, as well as print date and batch/traceability codes onto individual products, cases and pallets. Without these, companies would be unable to manufacture or ship their products through their supply chains to pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets and other retailers.

The company’s approach to balancing the challenge of supporting customers in vital sectors and ensuring the safety of its workforce has recently been showcased by The Manufacturer magazine.

In an audio interview Carl Haycock, Domino Printing’s Operations Director and Global Head of Health and Safety and Manufacturing Excellence, expressed his empathy for the sectors whose business has been decimated by the crisis.

He also explained the challenges of meeting urgent growing demand with looking after staff – and paid tribute to Domino employees.

Carl said: “Our staff have risen to the challenge brilliantly. All office personnel are now working from home and in terms of our production team, any people at high risk are self-isolating. We are communicating on a daily basis with our employees globally to update them on safety best practice and providing support to help those adapting to working from home or in self-isolation.

“We have also put in place a number of controls to minimise exposure for those coming into our manufacturing operation including no visitors, work stations which respect the social distancing recommendations of two metres and strict adherence to hygiene measures in line with official Government guidelines.

“We are fortunate in being able to respond smartly to the evolving situation as we have an agile supply chain with key assembly hubs close to our markets from which customers can be supplied with short lead-times. We are also able to hold significant stock of strategic items.”

Robert Pulford, Domino Printing CEO added: “This is a hugely challenging time for us all and I am extremely proud of our teams who are working to support customers in the essential sectors which need to function well to get through this crisis. We will continue to put our employees’ health first and will adapt all our working practices to ensure we can both protect our teams and keep the world’s manufacturers running to provide us all with the vital supplies we need.”