Domino Printing sends seasonal thanks to staff and customers around the world

December 13, 2021

A Cambridge company is sending special thanks and festive good wishes to its staff and all its manufacturing customers located across the globe, for keeping production lines operational despite the challenges of 2021.

In a special Christmas video, Domino Printing pays tribute to its staff who have continued to deliver despite lockdowns and huge spikes in demand, including installing new equipment to meet rapidly changing requirements.

It also highlights its customers, the ‘unsung heroes of manufacturing’ who have worked so hard to keep supply chains moving, providing everyone with food to eat, masks to wear and vaccines to fight COVID-19.

Rachel Hurst, Domino Chief Operating Officer, says: “It’s the right time of the year to pause for a moment and say thank you to all our staff for going the extra mile. Our own skilled teams, manufacturing customers and supply partners really are unsung heroes in ensuring supply chains have kept running.

“These people have kept going to keep us all going, harnessing our coding and marking technology to ensure all the products we consume and use continue to be supplied. Without this commitment and dedication, we would all have suffered huge shortages in our daily lives, including masks, PPE and vaccines to keep us safe.”

Domino has also issued a blog which looks at festive traditions across the globe – including celebratory foods. These range from mince pies in the UK, hollow chocolate dolls in Germany, stuffed spiced cookies in the Netherlands, salted cod, cabbage, potatoes and boiled eggs in Portugal and candy canes in North America.