National Minimum Wage help for East Anglian hotel sector

November 8, 2021

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is contacting hospitality businesses in East Anglia, offering them extra support, to help ensure they pay their workers at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

During November HMRC is writing to employers in the region’s hotel and accommodation sector to highlight common minimum wage mistakes and signpost to further support.  In January 2022 we will contact the same East Anglian employers to offer them a free NMW Health Check by telephone with one of our experts.

An HMRC spokesperson, said: “We know that the last two years have been difficult for businesses of all sizes. We’re here to help support hotel and accommodation sector employers in East Anglia, as well as to remind them of the minimum wage rules.

“Running this kind of business, and there are many in the region, is demanding. HMRC and the Low Pay Commission have identified this sector as one with a higher risk of minimum wage underpayment, so we want to help East Anglia’s hospitality employers get it right.”

Things like deductions and expenses can take workers below the NMW, and mistakes are easy to make. Businesses, irrespective of their size or business sector, are responsible for paying the correct minimum wage to their staff. The vast majority of employers make sure their workers receive what they are legally due.

By reminding employers of their obligations now, and getting them to consider booking their free NMW Health Check next year, we can help employers to:

  • Identify any possible underpayments within their business
  • Provide support with any self-reviews
  • Correct mistakes before incurring any fines or possibly being named publicly for NMW underpayment.

Employers who aren’t contacted as part of HMRC’s outreach work can still access support to ensure they get their workers’ minimum wage payments right:

  • View the online employers’ guide on calculating the minimum wage
  • contact the Acas Pay and Work Rights helpline on 0300 123 1160 for further advice and support.

View our recorded webinars on various minimum wage topics which can be accessed by clicking this link: