First Intuition becomes the first training provider signatory of charity Access Accountancy

September 15, 2023

First Intuition is the first accountancy training provider to become a signatory of Access Accountancy. Access Accountancy is a charity that collaborates with accountancy firms, professional bodies and organisations dedicated to improving access to, and progression within, the accountancy profession for applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds in the UK.

Established in 2014, Access Accountancy works towards everyone having an equal chance of accessing and progressing within the accountancy profession based on merit, not background. The vision of Access Accountancy is to ensure that the accountancy profession is representative, at all levels, of the socio-economic demographic of wider society.

First Intuition Cambridge Limited will be working with Access Accountancy towards three milestones: Adopting, Contributing, and Influencing to increase the volume, scope and quality of activity to improve access to, and progression within, the accountancy profession for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

One of the ways First Intuition will achieve this is through its Accountancy Academy programme, a free virtual event created to invite students from across the country to find out more about the accountancy and finance industry and the careers available within it. Including sessions on routes into the industry, how to find roles, and tips on making a good impression with CV’s and at interviews.

Amy Forrest, Managing Director of First Intuition Cambridge Limited, comments: “I am really pleased that we have become a signatory for Access Accountancy!

“Our mission is to train accountants, and that’s all accountants. We want to make the accounting career more accessible to all, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Working with Access Accountancy and contributing to their important work is a big step towards this.

“We have a fantastic network of employers, students and alumni, and fantastic relationships with professional bodies, local groups, recruitment agents, think thanks, and many more. We will be looking at how we can do our part in this community to further promote accounting as a career to a more diverse group of people.”