Granite 5 digital agency launches innovative website for Health & Independent Living Support (HILS)

December 14, 2023

Granite 5, a leading digital agency, proudly announces the successful launch of a cutting-edge website for Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS).

This milestone marks a significant step in HILS’ journey to enhance its digital presence and effectively communicate its expanded services across multiple counties.

As HILS experienced substantial growth and service expansion, the need for a rebranded and expanded digital presence became imperative. The challenge was to create a platform that not only reflected HILS’ evolution but also facilitated user-friendly access to their services across diverse geographical locations.

Granite 5 undertook a comprehensive rebranding strategy, leveraging their expertise to design and develop a modern website tailored to HILS’ unique needs. The highlight of the solution is a bespoke postcode service finder, enabling users to easily locate and access HILS services in their respective areas. Additionally, Granite 5 implemented a scalable content management system to ensure flexibility and ease of updates as HILS continues to evolve.

The collaboration between Granite 5 and HILS has resulted in a revitalised brand identity and a modern, scalable website. The platform effectively communicates HILS’ expanded geographical reach and diverse range of services, contributing to heightened brand recognition.

The launch of the new website has not only enhanced brand recognition but also significantly improved service accessibility for HILS’ clientele. The bespoke postcode service finder ensures that users can easily locate the services available in their specific regions, promoting a seamless user experience. Furthermore, the implementation of a scalable content management system empowers HILS staff, allowing them to independently manage and update their digital platform, keeping it relevant and up-to-date.

Granite 5 is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing HILS’ vision to life through this innovative digital solution. The agency remains committed to empowering organisations through cutting-edge digital strategies that drive success in the modern landscape.