Granite 5 launches continuous improvement programmes to grow your website and digital presence

July 16, 2021

Inspired by HubSpot’s Growth Driven Design service, we have been running continuous improvement programmes for clients including The Møller Centre, Airway Group and Money & Mental Health with some great results including a 96 per cent increase in the web conversion rate over the last three months compared to the same period last year for The Møller Institute. This was achieved by running an integrated campaign focused on new Executive Education courses utilising Google ads, LinkedIn ads, organic social, content, events and making some core UX changes.

When applied to a new website, the strategy is to launch early and learn. Then using real data to define the next stages of development to ensure focus and budget is put in the right areas. The benefit is a website that is truly user focused with a continuous evolution of developments in impactful areas to drive greater results.

Continuous Improvement Programmes

Our continuous improvement programmes cover all aspects of maintaining and growing a website for maximum business impact.

Protect – Looks after the day-to-day protection and health of a website including bug fixing, plugin updates, proactive security management, backup, monitoring and much more. Giving you the peace of mind, your site is being proactively maintained by a safe pair of hands.

Learn – Aims to collaboratively work with you to enhance the website and includes all of the elements of the Protect service, plus a monthly strategy meeting, macro and micro monitoring, and advanced reporting and analysis with proactive recommendations.

Grow – In addition to the secure and learn services, this programme looks after your website and the growth of your digital brand, utilising inbound marketing channels including SEO, PPC, social, CRM, email and content. Our strategic team help to plan continuous improvement programmes based upon data and analysis which drives conversation rate, effectiveness and business growth.

Jill Davies, MD at Granite 5, commented: “Our continuous improvement programmes allow us to provide unique support to deliver and evolve client’s websites and have already shown dramatic results. This new offering marks a new chapter in the next level of support that can be expected of Granite 5. We have always looked to be innovative since starting the company 20 plus years ago, and these new services are an example of that innovation in practice.

“We know businesses need a website that can evolve and adapt to their user’s needs, backed by real data. Our continuous improvement programmes will do just that, by offering a new way to support our clients and provide the best service we can to support their business growth.”

Leon Palmer, Marketing Manager at The Møller Institute, commented: “Thank you to the Granite 5 team for our new website and continued support as we develop our digital presence even further and improve the user experience for our clients.”

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