Greater Anglia keeping stations squeaky clean

December 21, 2020

Greater Anglia is keeping stations squeaky clean including using powerful fogging guns to sanitise waiting rooms and toilets.

The company’s station cleaning contractor Carlisle Cleaning Services Ltd has stepped up cleaning since the pandemic by pressure washing and deep cleaning stations. And the hard work is paying off as Greater Anglia has exceeded cleaning targets set by the Department for Transport for the past six months.

Between May and October this year, the Department for Transport set the cleanliness target at 88.2 per cent. During that period, the rail operator consistently scored more than 90 per cent during the monthly audits.

Greater Anglia is assessed on several different criteria including litter on the platforms, the level of litter in ticket hall, the cleanliness of public toilets and ticket hall floors.

Target Scored
May 88.20% 94.82%
June 88.20% 95.38%
July 88.20% 94.78%
August 88.20% 94.16%
September 88.20% 95.41%
October 88.20% 95.35%
Average 88.20% 94.98%

Martin Moran, Greater Anglia Commercial, Customer Services and Train Presentation Director, said: “Working with our cleaning contractor Carlisle Cleaning, we’re doing everything we possibly can to keep our stations and trains as clean and sanitised as possible, and we’re thrilled with these results. Our cleaning teams work around the clock to make sure areas are clean, tidy and free from litter so it’s great to see their hard work is paying off.

“We ask passengers to please take any rubbish with them when leaving the train and to use the bins provided at stations.

“We will continue to ensure that rail travel is safe for staff and passengers with an enhanced cleaning regime, on stations and trains, concentrating on high-touch areas such as ticket machines, push buttons, grab rails and door handles.”

Paul Evans, Carlisle Support Services, CEO, said: “I’m extremely proud of the highly knowledgeable and dedicated front line operatives and management team who pride themselves on delivering these superb levels of cleaning services to our valued client, Greater Anglia.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been important to understand which methods of cleaning deliver fast, effective results, whilst ensuring environments are protected safely and efficiently. It’s great to see the cleanliness targets have been exceeded as a result of the team and our innovative solutions.”