Greater Anglia to support accessibility campaign to improve people’s journeys

March 2, 2020

Greater Anglia today announced its support for a new campaign aimed at helping people with disabilities travel on trains more easily.

The Department for Transport has launched ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ – an advertising campaign to highlight how everyone can play a part in making public transport inclusive.

The campaign uses animation with animal characters as a visual cue to suggest that often unconscious behaviour can affect others and to show what they can do to be more considerate to other passengers, especially those with additional needs.

Greater Anglia, along with other transport providers nationally, will support the campaign on its social media channels and with adverts on trains and at some stations.

Rebecca Richardson, Greater Anglia’s Accessibilty Manager, said: “We’re working hard to ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable journey with us.

“We’re fully committed to making our railway more accessible. We’ve set up a training programme, delivered by wheelchair-users to show our staff how they can improve their service to customers with disabilities.

“We’re introducing all new trains, with improved access and facilities for disabled people.

“This campaign also reminds us all of the need to be compassionate and courteous and we are very happy to support it.”

Department for Transport research has shown that behaviours that make public transport a daunting place for disabled people are often unconscious, such as not looking out for a fellow passenger who might need a seat or be in distress.

‘it’s everyone’s journey’ will raise awareness about the needs of disabled people when using public transport, particularly people with non-visible impairments, and will also prompt members of the public to think and consider how their behaviour might impact others.

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