IWF Fundraising Team

May 28, 2024

The need to combat child sexual abuse material remains as high as ever, which is why we are proud to announce the launch of the IWF Fundraising Team, a significant milestone that demonstrates our unwavering determination to eradicate online child sexual abuse.

As the Head of Fundraising, my mission is to strengthen IWF’s resources, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve in detecting and combating illegal content.

Our new fundraising team is not just an administrative addition but a strategic move to encourage the support of individuals, grant funders, Members and organisations who share our vision for a safer internet. By creating a community of supporters, we aim to establish a financial foundation that sustains our critical work to find and remove online child sexual abuse imagery.

Are you looking for alternative ways to support IWF? Perhaps you and your colleagues are looking for a challenge, too!

We are thrilled to announce that IWF has partnered with Run for Charity, giving you the chance to sign up to an incredible range of events across the UK and overseas – from the Cambridge half. 160ft Cambridge Bungee, scenic walks, fabulous sporting challenges, and family virtual fun runs to the prestigious ASICS London 10k – and show your support for our mission to make the internet a safe place for everyone!

There are over 750 events available across the UK and Europe. Children need fundraising heroes to help make the Internet a safer place. Could you be one of them?

Raising just £100 could support the IWF to issue several ‘Takedown Notices’ to companies hosting child sexual abuse imagery, preventing repeat victimisation every time images of their abuse are viewed or shared online.   

Signing up is simple.  You’ll be supported every step of the way by our Fundraising Team, who’ll give you tips, tricks and resources to unleash your potential and maximise your fundraising!


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