How can localisation benefit your business?

May 31, 2022

Top Tips from Iwona Lebiedowicz, founder of PAB Languages Centre

If you do business internationally, or would like to break into new markets, having a multilingual website is essential. 56 per cent of consumers said the ability to get information in their native language is even more important than price!

But it’s not just about translating your content and product descriptions, localisation goes much, much further, and ensures the investment you’ve made in your website gives you the growth you want.

  • Localised content brings more exposure

Professional localisation of your website, advertising campaign, or sales content will make entering a new market easier. A multilingual website will improve your business’s SEO performance in other languages and countries and increase rankings on Google search and any search platforms that are popular in your target market.

  • Client-focused content impacts purchasing behaviours

Localised content on your website shows your commitment to your new customers, giving them the reassurance, they can trust you, your products, and services. In today’s competitive market where customer service and credibility both count almost as much as price, getting the customer experience right at the outset is essential.

  • Understanding local and cultural context improves revenue

Localisation helps avoid any confusion caused by unfamiliar cultural norms and cultural references such as foreign units of measure. Making your product or service more accessible to local consumers will always result in sales growth.

  • Getting it wrong costs more!

In China, there is a list of keywords that’ll result in an immediate government ban for your content. In Thailand, an auto-translated post from their public broadcasting service offended so badly that Facebook demanded an official apology.

And whilst these are fairly extreme examples, we all know someone who has been offended by something online. Without really understanding the culture of your target audience, the risk of offence inevitably increases.

At PAB Languages, our team of native-speaking experts come from all over the world and understand all the elements and cultural references you’ll need to take account of when speaking to your audiences. Our creative linguists will use the right words, the right style and tone to ensure you are communicating effectively with your international audience.

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