Domino Printing enhances Global Customer Support with new augmented reality tool

April 13, 2021

A Cambridge company has strengthened its capability to deliver fast and efficient support to its customers around the world, with the creation of a new augmented reality tool which provides remote visual support in real-time.

Domino Printing has launched SafeGuard AR, enabling customers using its coding and marking technology to benefit from quick production line fixes, preventing down-time and reducing the need for onsite visits.

Using SafeGuard AR’s secure virtual service environment, customers can show Domino’s remote service staff exactly what is occurring on the line. The ability to ‘see’ with the customer’s eyes makes it quicker and easier to identify the cause of line issues and implement fixes. The tool can also be used to zoom in on specific areas, pause live video, annotate, draw, and share notes on screen.

Eddie Storan, Domino’s Head of Global Service, said: “Uptime and overall equipment efficiency are of the utmost importance to our customers – when unplanned downtime is due to coding and marking equipment, it can be both costly and frustrating for them. As coding typically sits towards the end of the production line, a faulty system can have a huge impact through wasted stock and rework, with the added commercial and brand risk of product recalls and punitive fines.”

Collaborating with customers in this way allows Domino’s service engineers to gain a better understanding of a problem than can be achieved by traditional telephone support. When possible, a customer can be guided to safely implement a fix themselves, or, in cases necessitating a site visit, an engineer can be dispatched with a thorough understanding of the issue and equipped with all necessary materials to rectify the problem. In this way, SafeGuard AR helps to increase first-time fix rate, and dramatically decrease case resolution time.

Though already in development at the time, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated both the completion of the SafeGuard AR application and the full programme of testing by customers. The virtual aspect of the application was particularly useful in overcoming limitations on site visits by service engineers during the global lockdown. Following its success, Domino is now able to offer the service to customers in all regions.