Overstream Clean and Garden – The Future

September 17, 2020

Social Enterprise Overstream Clean (Wintercomfort’s flagship social enterprise) is now back in full operation all the team are back from Furlough and the work is gradually returning.

To help us recover from the loss of income over the last few months of Covid we have launched a Crowdfunder Campaign and we have ambitions to grow this enterprise over the coming years to train and employ more people out of homelessness.

Overstream Clean & Garden was founded in 2015, providing high quality cleaning and gardening services to local companies and organisations within the Cambridge. The Social Enterprise is operated by Wintercomfort for the homeless and all profit generated goes back into their support work for the homeless.

Customers are a mixture of local businesses and voluntary organisations including. All the employees and operatives of the social enterprise completed six week training course prior to employment. Anyone is eligible to take part in this course, and gain employment within the enterprise if they have lived experience of homelessness.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Overstream Clean & Garden held 24 regular contracts. In 2019/20 Overstream Clean had a turnover of £172.460. 28 individuals completed the training course with the SE and as a direct result 26 people gained paid employment either within Overstream Clean & Garden’s Operative team or with another local employer.

Overstream Clean & Garden is a highly successful social enterprise delivering high social outcomes and the profit supports Wintercomfort’s vital welfare work supporting those who are homeless and rough sleeping.

Our Crowdfunder campaign is being launched to support us to overcome the significant loss of income due to Covid-19, but in addition help the social enterprise to grow winning more contracts and creating more employment. We hope you will be willing to partner with us.

Alan’s story: “I lost my job, then my landlord sold the house and, in an instant, I was homeless. Wintercomfort helped me get my life back on track. I completed the Overstream Clean training course, got a paid job with Overstream Clean, where I received training in health and safety. Before Wintercomfort, I didn’t feel like anything I did would make a difference, but coming here, using these facilities, boosted my confidence no end.”

Edward’s story:  “I’d been homeless for seven months since I lost my job. I started drinking because it was the only way to cope with being on the streets. Wintercomfort has made me happier about life, I’ve got a job with Overstream Clean and they’ve given me courses and training. They’ve also helped me access counselling and to control my drinking, but it’s been a really hard time for me, but Overstream Clean & Garden has really helped me.”