Pool players hope to pocket hundreds for EACH during a 24-hour marathon in Milton

November 29, 2021

Kind-hearted pool players are on cue to pot hundreds of pounds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

A 24-hour fundraising marathon is taking place at Milton 8 Ball, in Cambridge Road, Milton, from midday on Saturday (4 December).

Matches and quirky competitions will be held on each of the club’s four tables until the shootout comes to an end at the same time on Sunday.

In the process, players hope to club together and chalk up hundreds of pounds for EACH, which has three hospices – including one in Milton.

Players from the local league and football team are in the frame to get involved and there will be no rest for organiser Rob Wilcox, who is playing for all 24 hours.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said the 52-year-old. “EACH is a local charity for us, with a hospice right here in the village. In addition, a friend of mine had a little boy who spent the last few weeks of his life being cared for by the amazing staff at Milton. It’s an incredible charity and we’ll do anything we can to help, at the same time putting on a fun event that will bring our little community together at the end of what’s been a tough year for everyone.”

Rob is planning to play for 24 hours before finishing in a baize of glory while another table will be dedicated to ‘speed pool’. This involves potting all the balls as quickly as possible. Players pay to play and the winner will pocket half the proceeds, with the rest going to EACH.

Table three will be for ‘killer pool’, which is where an item like an ashtray is placed in the middle of the table after a break-off. Players have to attempt a pot with every shot and if they miss – or hit the ashtray – they have to stump up 50p.

The fourth table will be reserved for longer competitions, with club owner Paul Denman – who is donating 10 per cent of bar takings to EACH – taking on son Jack over 15 frames. Players can bet on the outcome and all punts will go into the EACH kitty.

“Hopefully as many people as possible pop down and support us,” added Rob, who lives in nearby Chesterton. “I must stress that people don’t have to stay for all 24 hours. Even if they pop down for half an hour and a quick drink, it’ll be great to see them.

“I was involved in something like this before and we managed to raise £500. Hopefully we can beat that this time.

“I’m looking forward to playing all night. I’ve done it a couple of times before, for fundraisers, and didn’t feel too tired. I’ll keep going – powered by adrenaline and energy drinks!”