Sookio launches podcast, Communication Untangled

April 4, 2024

Join host Sue Keogh and guests from the worlds of design, communications, and behavioural psychology for Communication Untangled – a new podcast that explores the many facets of communication that influence our behaviour, but often go unnoticed.

From menu design to motorway typography, from brand guidelines to the colours that make us click, we’ll shine a light on techniques you can apply to get across critical messages in your marketing, business and brand.

Sue Keogh shares: ‘Years of quiet mulling has culminated in our new podcast, Communication Untangled, hosted by me and produced by the most-excellent Rob Birnie from Made by DBM. We have a shared background in radio (BBC Radio 2, Planet Rock, Magic FM) and because of this, we’re a bit old-school and wanted to do it properly.’


Who’ll be listening to Communication Untangled?

What we had in mind for this communications podcast was the sort of thing you’d hear on BBC Radio 4 – interesting to an audience already into marketing, branding and design, but enjoyable to the casual listener too.

I want people to come away thinking, “Oh, I’ve never noticed this before!” and pick up new approaches they can apply to their business or brand.


Who are the guests for series one?

  • Untangling Brand: Pentagram designer Harry Pearce (John Lewis, V&A, Liberty LBTY) talks brand guidelines, plus NASA’s evolution from a meatball…to a worm.
  • Untangling Menus: Sean Willard from The Menu Engineers gives the expert view on the psychology of menu design. And how does Netflix use idleness aversion in its menu to keep you watching?
  • Untangling Forms: Iain Boyd and Adam Robertson from the Government Digital Service discuss how you can gather information fairly and transparently. In contrast with dark patterns on the web, which set out to trick us into doing what we don’t want to do.
  • Untangling Colour: With Webs of Influence author Nathalie Nahai, plus a spotlight on the colour red (a personal favourite, as you’ll see from Sookio branding!)
  • Untangling Reviews: Trustist founder Nigel Apperley explains the power of online reviews to influence consumer behaviour. Plus, the reviews from pop culture which turned out to be very, very wrong.
  • Untangling Signs: Talking motorway typography and Tube tunnel tiling with transport expert Mark Ovenden. Plus, learn why the city of Sydney is leading the way with braille and tactile signage.

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