Students rally for Climate Change and urge people to make small changes to see a big difference

September 23, 2019

Young people at Cambridge Regional College (CRC) held a rally today (Friday 20) during their lunch time at their Cambridge and Huntingdon campuses to encourage staff and students to consider making small changes to help reduce climate change.

The campaign was organised by the Student Union at CRC and was part of a day of action by young people in Cambridgeshire and all over the world.

Staff and students were encouraged to power-down from 12.00-1.00pm and at around 12.30pm groups of college students and staff gathered at the front of the college to show their support for the campaign.

Sophie Day, Cambridge Regional College Student Union President, said: “We want people to consider their carbon footprint, and the impact that their day to day activities can have on the planet. We encouraged students and staff to walk or bike to work or consider car sharing.

“Instead of driving to the local shops, why not walk, do not use plastic disposable water bottles and instead use a refillable one, remember to turn lights off after yourself. These are all small changes that can make a big difference,” she said.

“Students and staff at the College decided not to strike but we did want to show our solidarity for those who did, and to use this opportunity to encourage our communities to do more to protect our planet.

“We are really pleased that our campaign was supported by the management, staff and students at the college where we are being taught to be life and work ready.

“Being life-ready includes taking a stand on critical matters such as climate change and educating people on how we can all make a difference.”

The rally was part of an international day of climate strikes by young people, including an event involving school children in Cambridge city centre on the same day.

Millions of students and young people have taken part in climate strikes around the world in a movement inspired by Greta Thunberg.

The strikers are calling on governments to recognise the severity of the unfolding crisis and to take appropriate action.

The September 20 UK rallies come days before world leaders meet in New York to discuss the climate crisis.