The Cambridge announce partnership with electronic signature provider Legalesign

December 9, 2020

The Cambridge Building Society has this week announced its partnership with locally based electronic signature provider Legalesign. The collaboration has been established to support customers with a quick and easy way to share signed documentation, through an innovative system that provides digital safety and security.

Following a successful trial in helping customers change their mortgage product, the Legalesign software was an instant hit with more than 40 per cent of customers choosing to use this option instead of a more traditional paper route within the first three hours of launch. Now more than ever, the flexibility to offer customers a different way of doing things is paramount. This service has improved greater accessibility for customers, through the secure delivery of documentation requiring a digital signature. Whilst initially limited to use for customers who want to change their mortgage product, further expansion is expected across The Cambridge where appropriate.

Legalesign are an award winning e-signature company based in the local area, that understand the complexity of highly regulated organisations, and a natural fit for The Cambridge. Their dedicated and personal approach to everything they do, has seen the creation of solutions that save time for customers of The Cambridge, whilst offering a safe digital space.

Nick Warner, Programme Lead at The Cambridge, comments on the partnership: “Working with a local company like Legalesign is fantastic, they share our passion for delivering great customer experiences and importantly, they took time to understand how their service can work best for our customers. As we continue to invest in services for our members, we’ll always look to suppliers in our area who meet our commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes.”

Ben Eliott, CEO at Legalesign, added: “To be able to work with a local company like The Cambridge is something we are very proud of. They understand the issues customers face with digital and online safety in a way few others do, and their methods to adopt and rollout our software in their organisation has been second to none. We were one of the first UK software’s to develop e-signature, and we’re looking forward to growing our partnership to deliver on security and productivity through service and innovation.”