Code of Conduct


Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce (the ‘Chamber’) is committed to creating a community for members which is inclusive, diverse and respectful. It is important that our members behave with integrity and professionalism at all times and create an environment where members feel welcome and respected during all Chamber events, activities and interactions. As part of this commitment, we do not accept discrimination, disrespectful or threatening behaviour of any type between or towards any individual or organisations engaged with the Chamber or attending Chamber events.


This Code is intended to outline and clarify some of the key issues that might affect a member’s relationship with the Chamber. This Code does not provide an exhaustive list of obligations of membership, and the Code does not preclude the Chamber from doing anything (including deciding not to take a particular course of action) to which it is entitled under its Memorandum or Articles of Association, or by rule of law or statute or otherwise.

Definitions for this Code

Member means a member of the Chamber. This member might be an individual, a member of a business or corporate body and listed in the Directory of Members of the Chamber.

The Chamber means the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Code means the Code of Conduct presently in force. This may change from time to time and at the discretion of the Chamber.


Code of Conduct

Professionalism and Communication

The member shall always act in the best interests of the Chamber.

The name, reputation and goodwill of the Chamber are all vitally important to the Chamber.

The member shall not do anything that is likely to have a negative effect on the reputation of the Chamber.

Members will not comment on behalf of the Chamber unless specifically requested or delegated to do so by the Chamber’s Chief Executive Officer or Chair.

Members will comply with reasonable requests or directions given by Chamber staff and not act in such a way that would be likely to cause injury or harm to yourself or to others.

Members will ensure that communication with Chamber employees and members is reasonable and professional at all times.

Members will engage in Chamber events in a professional manner, acting with integrity and respect.

The Chamber has numerous intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights that are all important to it. The member shall not do anything that is likely to have a negative effect on the intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights.

Dignity and Equality

The Chamber aims to ensure that all members can participate in an environment that respects their personal rights and dignity and which is free from unacceptable behaviour and conduct. The Chamber does not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying under any circumstances.

The Chamber makes it a priority to support any individual in the unlikely event they are experiencing bullying or harassment, of any kind and in any form, from anyone connected with Chamber activities. This extends to all membership events whether during working hours or outside of normal working hours, on or off the premises.

The Chamber’s aim is to provide a safe and professional environment without any member, visitor or staff member feeling uncomfortable, threatened, demeaned or excluded. It will not tolerate behaviours that do not treat all persons fairly and with respect including any based-on race, nationality, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.

The Chamber expects all members to observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and/or offering products for sale, based on the members’ own knowledge and expertise, presenting a true presentation in all advertising.

The Chamber wants everyone to feel confident that any complaint against any other individual or individuals will be taken seriously and action will be taken as quickly as possible. The Chamber encourages any individual experiencing bullying or harassment to report their experience to the Chamber Chief Executive Officer or Head of Operations, so that the support available can be used to resolve the situation as early as possible. Any report will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Social Media

Whilst social media is a large part of many people’s lives, uploading personal images that contain other people, including members, must be done with consideration and sensitivity. Members will not publish via any form of electronic communication, social media or similar platform messages, statements or images involving the Chamber which are political, malicious, inflammatory, critical, derogatory, abusive or threatening. Images should not be uploaded which could cause embarrassment or ridicule at someone else’s expense. Our activity on social media is not separate to our roles in person at events; we need to maintain the values of the Chamber at all times. This is to protect both the Chamber and its members

Criminal Offences

If a member is charged with a criminal offence, then the Chamber may, at its own option, suspend the membership of that member. The suspension may be with immediate effect.

If a member is convicted of a criminal offence, then the Chamber may, at its own option, terminate the membership of that member. This termination may be with immediate effect.

Insolvency or Bankruptcy

If a member enters into receivership or administrative receivership (or arranges with its creditors under the provisions of any statute or rule of law), the Chamber may need to carefully consider terminating the membership of that member. This would take immediate effect.


Failure by the member to comply with any element of this Code will provide sufficient grounds for the Chamber to terminate the membership of that member.

Any member that is overdue on its subscription, or any other payment to the Chamber, may, at the Chamber’s option, have its membership suspended (until full payment has been made) or terminated. In both instances the member remains liable to the Chamber for the arrears.

Effect of Suspension and Termination

A member that has had its membership suspended is not entitled to any refund of its subscription to the Chamber for the period of the suspension.

A member that has had its membership terminated is not entitled to any refund of its subscription to the Chamber.

Any sanction or remedial action at the disposal of the Chamber under this Code is an additional right to any alternative sanction, remedial action, legal action, or other action that the Chamber may take in respect of that member.

Any person or organisation shall, on ceasing to be a member, forfeit all rights to utilise, without limitation, the name, insignia, logo, goodwill, products or services of the Chamber in connection with its business, personal or social activities.

Changes to the Code

This Code may be changed from time to time by the Chamber. The Chamber will provide each member with reasonable notice that the Code has changed, together with details of where the member can view such changes.