AI as AP: How Artificial Intelligence can become your Assistant Producer in creating videos

This webinar explores the application of AI in aiding the creation of digital video.

This very practical guide will take you through each step of the production line from Preproduction to Postproduction, identifying those tools that can help you in producing great video projects. The webinar will discuss when to use them and to what purpose they can genuinely help. It is ideal for anyone thinking of planning video this year who feel they could benefit from a little machine assistance along the way.

Presenter: Matt Harris is an award-winning Producer/Director with over 20 years experience in film and video making practices. He is the founder of Blah Blah Media Productions, which produces film and video for commercial and non-commercial purposes. He is also an educator who has taught in schools and lectured at universities on the subject. You can visit his website at

Cambridge Network members may attend free of charge

Non-members may also attend this session at a fee of £10+VAT


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11.00 - 12.00