Backhauling the Rural Mobile Broadband Service

As enhanced 4G and 5G services are rolled out across the UK, we typically see mobile network operators embracing “fibre-first” strategies for mobile backhaul, this enables multiple Gbps of capacity along with low latency and high-availability. However, what happens when fibre isn’t available, how do we connect those 4G and 5G base stations when the only solution is to go for wireless backhaul?

This eMBB SIG event will explore the state of the art in Microwave Radio Systems and Satellite Communications in the context of delivering mobile backhaul to remote areas. How can microwave radio scale to offer multiple Gbps? What role does satellite play today and how will the proliferation of low earth orbit mega-constellations change this?

This event is taking place at the historical Newnham College, University of Cambridge and will provide delegates with ample opportunities to network with fellow attendees to explore the themes of this event.


The Cynthia Beerbower Room Newnham College Sidgwick Avenue CB3 9DF

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The Cynthia Beerbower Room