Championing Business: Preparing for the Next Normal

Who’s ear do you have? How do we prepare for the ‘next normal’?

Some of the effects of the pandemic are known, many more will become apparent during the next few years. Are we prepared? Are we ready to listen?

At this session Paul Hills and Alastair Reid from Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy (CWC) will discuss how we need to consider the ‘whole self’ of everyone in the workplace (including leaders and managers!) as we come to terms with what we have all gone through during the pandemic and how this will shape and influence business decision-making and HR policies.

CWC is a charity dedicated to supporting people in their work; wherever that may be. CWC is working hard to respond during the pandemic and beyond, this response includes a listening service and a workplace wellbeing hub that is easily accessible for all including a dedicated section for employers:

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