Do you dread difficult conversations?

Join us to understand why difficult conversations are worth the effort and receive some tips and pointers about the best way to handle them.

There are many types of difficult conversations that may arise in the workplace and we want to make sure you’re well equipped to tackle them with colleagues and employees.

Part 1 – We will be setting the scene and discussing the different examples of difficult conversations. From poor hygiene and colleague relationships to sickness and discrimination, we’ll be covering it all.

Part 2 – Understand why you need to have these conversations and the benefits that will come from having them.

Part 3 – Learn how to approach these conversations in the best way possible to receive the best outcome.

Part 4 – Performance management is something not many enjoy and giving workplace feedback is not usually something to look forward to. We hope to change the way you think about this by giving you some tips and pointers in ways to approach these conversations.

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