Employee Physical Activity for Good Mental Health

As the days get shorter and lockdown 2.0 kicks in, this hour-long webinar will show you why it’s necessary to incorporate activity in our daily routines – to help get you, and your teams, positively through this winter.

During this interactive presentation, Kelly and Jacqui will:

  • Share their insight on how important activity is for good physical and mental health and the links between the two
  • Explore how employers can play their part in encouraging and supporting their employees to move more
  • Explain the business benefits of encouraging activity
  • Provide some tips to reduce sedentary behaviour.

Kelly Vickers is Head of Business Development at Living Sport, a charity that looks to improve the health, happiness and wellbeing of the communities of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough through inspiring activity.

Jacqui Kemp is the founder of Your People Potential, working with organisations to align their health and wellbeing goals with the core values of the business, changing the face of how mental health is understood and managed. Jacqui builds on the strengths that already exist within your business to help your people reach their full potential.

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