How to Avoid a Disaster When Selling Your Business

Find out what you can do to pave the way for a quicker and smoother business sale, with a greater chance of reaching a successful completion.Join Cambridge Network’s webinar with Prism Corporate Broking on 24th April.

The specialist advisors in buying and selling tech businesses, Prism Corporate Broking, will explain what things can go wrong during a sale and share insight from their 20 years of M&A success. Learn what steps you can take at different stages of the business sale process to reduce the likelihood of it ending in disaster.

Prism are experts in the tech sector with a special focus on IT support, B2B software, digital services and instrumentation but this webinar is suitable for owner-managers across all business sectors.


* What Constitutes a Business Sale Disaster? The reasons your sale might not go through or why you might be unhappy with the outcome.
* Stories From our 20 Years of Selling Businesses – Learn from our vast experience.
* Steps to Avoid a Disaster – What you can do at different stages of the sale process.
* Prism’s Top Tips – Things you can do now to prepare for a sale.
* Q&A – Your questions answered by the experts in tech M&A.

This session will be led by:

* Peter Watson, Director of Corporate Finance
* Robert Fiske, Director of Corporate Finance

To attend: The session will take place at 12.00- 1pm on Wednesday 24th April. Please sign up to take part. Participants will be sent a link to join via Zoom prior to the start time.

Cambridge Network member may attend free of charge

Non-members may also attend this session at a fee of £10 VAT.



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