How to Navigate Trade between the UK and USA

At this one-hour online webinar we will be looking at how as a UK trader you can navigate into the US Market, and once there, how to maximise your business potential.

Our guest speaker Dr Ray Davies of BABC-PNW (Business American Business Connections – Pacific North-West), will give some guidance on US Trade and Markets, and will offer a Q&A session for those of you with areas you wish to discuss.

You can ask questions on the day, but if you have a question now please email it to before the event and we will try and ensure we have some form of answer on hand for you.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to initiate entry into the US Markets successfully
  • How to maximise your business presence in the USA
  • Compliance/Legal requirements to watch out for when trading with the US
  • Logistics and Customs.

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