How to realise your digital marketing potential

Event Description:
Join Granite 5 and Cambridge Network’s panel discussion on 30th April. With more than a century of combined marketing know-how, don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick the best brains in the business!

In an era where online presence reigns supreme, mastering the art of digital marketing is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses striving to thrive in the digital landscape. We invite you to an enlightening panel discussion where industry experts will delve into the dynamic realms of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, WordPress, and brand storytelling.

From enhancing your website’s visibility to crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences, our panellists will share invaluable insights, strategies, and best practices to elevate your digital presence. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer seeking to refine your skills or a business owner looking to navigate the complexities of online marketing, this event promises to be an enriching experience. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of effective digital marketing and unlock the keys to success in today’s competitive digital sphere. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain actionable knowledge and connect with fellow enthusiasts in the field. Join us and take the first step towards transforming your digital marketing endeavours into triumphs!

Our panellists from Granite 5, chaired by Simon Wheeler, MD:

David Claxton, Head of Technical
Jack Greenacre, PPC specialist
Sue Roochove, Head of Client Services
James Warmington-Smith, Snr SEM Consultant

Cambridge Network members may attend at a cost of £15 VAT
Non-members may also attend this session at a fee of £25 VAT


The Hauser Forum 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge CB43 0GT

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The Hauser Forum