Imposter Syndrome

The talk given last year on Imposter Syndrome caused a great deal of discussion as so many people identified with the challenge of experiencing Imposter Syndrome and how to deal with it.  We are pleased, therefore, to put on a webinar with Claire Vane, from Integrated Resources, and Adelle Shaw-Flach, from The Sweet Potato Consultancy, who will be talking about the differing ways that individuals can identify imposter syndrome and then importantly make progress in relation to handling imposter syndrome, both in themselves and other people.

Imposter Syndrome can have a very negative impact on your confidence, wellbeing and career. There are a variety of different approaches used to tackle what can range from a mild case of imposter syndrome to something that is debilitating.

This session will be interactive and in addition to hearing about their own personal and professional experience of Imposter Syndrome, Claire and Adelle would be interested to hear your own personal experiences and how you, or others, have come to a more comfortable state of mind.

The format will be that of an informal interview with both participants asking and answering questions with each other and then thrown open for the wider audience.

Please come and join us so we can all learn from each other about this challenge so many of us experience.

There will also be time for a Q&A at the end of the session.

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