Informal Networking Evening – Ely

Our monthly networking series with Ely Cathedral Business Group continues at Ely’s Poets House, Ely on Monday 23 May.

Attracting businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors, these events are very popular.

Your company doesn’t need to be a member of the Chamber, or Ely Cathedral Business Group, to take advantage of this great opportunity to make new business connections – anyone is welcome to join us. Get together, get thinking, and get talking about things that matter.

Take this chance to catch up with familiar acquaintances you haven’t seen in ages, mingle with new business contacts and share knowledge and skills with like-minded professionals.

Our guest speaker will be Ed Passmore, Tax Consultant at Lovewell Blake.

Research and Development (“R&D”) activity plays a key role in increasing productivity and promoting growth and there are a number of generous tax reliefs associated with R&D activity. These reliefs, and in some cases, cash payments, are key enablers to innovation focused businesses. This presentation will cover the type of projects that count as R&D, the reliefs available, the qualifying categories of expenditure and the R&D tax credit. These subjects will be interwoven with various examples detailing how R&D reliefs reward innovative businesses.

Chamber staff will be attending so if your company is considering joining the Chamber, it is a great opportunity to ask about the benefits of membership and discover what you can expect to gain from joining our Chamber network.

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