International Marketing Workshop

This online course is designed for marketing and sales professionals, executives, and business owners who are looking to expand their businesses internationally. It will be beneficial for anyone who wants to learn the fundamental concepts of international marketing and gain a better understanding of how to develop, implement, and measure an effective international marketing strategy.

Why attend this course:
This course will equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully create and execute a global marketing plan. Learners will gain the confidence to navigate international markets, understand legal requirements, identify market opportunities, and effectively develop a global brand. Additionally, learners will be able to develop strategies to maximise ROI while addressing the complexities of international marketing.

The course will cover:

  • Overview of international markets
  • Identifying international markets
  • Analysing international market opportunities
  • Assessing risk in international markets
  • Developing an international marketing strategy
  • Developing a global brand
  • Adapting your product for international markets
  • Implementing an international marketing plan
  • Establishing distribution channels
  • Investing in advertising and promotions
  • Utilising social media.

How to book

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Cost: £250.00 (plus VAT) Chamber members, £330.00 (plus VAT) non-members

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