Meet The Neighbours Networking Event

Meet the Neighbours, No Borders Networking Event, with Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.

Business doesn’t recognise borders, especially since virtual working, so why should we?

Joining forces with neighbouring Chamber, Norfolk, this structured networking session is designed to forge new business relationships across county boundaries and maximise your opportunity to build your network.

The event will take the following format;

  • A quick introduction from both Chamber teams
  • Attendees will join a breakout room for 15 minutes where each person gets 30-60 seconds to speak to the breakout room.
  • Come back to the main session where we will draw a business to talk about their business to all attendees at the event
  • Head back out into breakout rooms for more networking
  • Come back together for the final session.

This is a fantastic opportunity to network and chat with other businesses and find out more about neighbouring counties.

Please note places are limited and available for Chamber members only.

Who’s it for?

Business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, young businesses and anyone who wants to connect and engage with other businesses in the Cambridgeshire and Norfolk area.




How to book

Register here >

Due to this event being for members only, it has been set-up for manual approval, so event details will be received shortly after registering rather than immediately. 




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