Menopause in the Workplace

In preparation for ‘World Menopause Day’ on 18 October, our HR & Recruitment Sector committee have teamed up with ‘HENPICKED: Menopause in the Workplace’ and BMR Health & Wellbeing to understand why supporting menopause in the workplace is the right thing to do, both for organisations and colleagues.  Not only does it help create an inclusive and supportive work environment, it attracts and retains talent within an organisation.

Menopause is a very individual experience. It can affect everyone differently and, for those who experience symptoms, it can be a huge relief to know their employer will support them.

Our webinar is FREE to members and non-members, we want to invite you along to our interactive session where you will have the opportunity to chat with our hosts, exploring how by offering menopause support in the workplace it means your colleagues wellbeing is placed centre stage, as well as giving you an overview of your legal responsibilities.

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