Navigating the AI Revolution in PNT

The AI revolution has arrived and vast sums of money are being poured into AI assistants and AI workforce replacements/augmentations. The field of PNT has been making use of traditional analytical and procedural Machine Learning for decades in areas such as sensor fusion, filtering, and data analyses but we are still at the beginning of understanding the benefits and risks of applying new data-driven techniques to our sector.

Important questions like “Can neural networks be used within a safety critical navigation system?” are currently open to debate. In this half-day event run by Cambridge Wireless and the Royal Institute of Navigation we will be hearing from experts across academia and industry and discussing where we think AI can have the most significant impact on Positioning Navigation and Timing.

This event is delivered in collaboration with the Royal Institute for Navigation (RIN) and will provide delegates with ample opportunities to network with fellow attendees to explore the themes of this event.


The Bradfield Centre 184 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road CB4 0GA

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The Bradfield Centre