Our Success Stories in Career Coaching and Outplacement POSTPONED

Have you ever been offered outplacement as part of a redundancy package?

Sue Farrow, the Managing Director of Smart Matching has! It was so darned underwhelming that she decided to build herself a new, more inspiring product that would really, actually, properly help people like her get back into work – rather than just pay lip service to it.

Sue’s never a Drama Queen, but in this timely session she’ll share what she learned from the redundancy and outplacement process – how it affected her self-confidence, wellbeing and mindset. It’s powerful listening for leaders and it means that if you happen to be in the unfortunate position of losing good people at some time in the future, you will be better equipped to manage a more thoughtful, caring programme and avoid the lip service pitfall.

One that will help ex-colleagues move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible – and one that fires their passion too! Sue reckons we all need a combination of practical and emotional support in these circumstances. At a time of personal uncertainty, Sue knows from personal experience that support like this can make a tremendous difference (or not) to an individual’s job search success.

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