Prepare now for a No-Deal Brexit

The UK has to “get ready” for no trade deal with the EU, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

Will it be a no deal?
Will it be an Australian type deal?
Or will there even be a trade deal?

UK businesses are reminded that ‘Time is Running Out’ to prepare for the UK leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union at the end of the year and there are some definite actions businesses need to take now. These actions are required regardless of the trading arrangements we are faced with.

Join us for this one-hour online event where Chris Willers, Managing Director of Access to Export, will explain what businesses should be doing now to ensure they are they are fully prepared for trading from 1 January 2021 regardless of whether or not a trade deal is achieved.

Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

All delegates attending the session will receive a copy of the Access to Export Brexit checklist.

About Access to Export Ltd
Access to Export Ltd is a private company founded in 1999 and set up specifically to help and support companies that are either already engage in or contemplating trading internationally. They have more than 30 years’ hands-on experience of worldwide international trade so they are able to provide solutions to the multitude of challenges encountered in everyday export activities. Through their experience, knowledge and expertise they help many different companies to export a very diverse range of products to a wide selection of international markets.





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