Preparing to Trade with the EU from 1 January 2021

From 1 January 2021 trading arrangements with the EU are likely to be very different. All goods moving between the UK and the EU will have to be declared through a formal customs process at the borders, therefore additional procedures and documentation will be required to enable goods to move smoothly. For companies with little or no experience of trading outside the EU (and therefore being unfamiliar with customs procedures and documentation), this could potentially cause problems, delays and additional costs, unless thorough planning and preparation is undertaken.

This month at Export Club we welcome Chris Willers, Managing Director of Access to Export, who have used their wealth of hands-on worldwide International Trade experience to put together a comprehensive International Trade checklist.

Chris will look at the main information for exporters and share some of the important points relating to importing. He will also give a brief overview of the key points contained in the newly published Border Operating Model.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers, and all delegates attending the session will receive a copy of the Access to Export Brexit checklist.

About Access to Export Ltd

Access to Export Ltd. is a private company founded in 1999 and set up specifically to help and support companies that are either already engaged in or contemplating trading internationally. They have more than 30 years’ hands-on experience of worldwide international trade so they are able to provide solutions to the multitude of challenges encountered in everyday export activities. Through their experience, knowledge and expertise they help many different companies to export a very diverse range of products to a wide selection of international markets.



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