R&D Tax Regimes update

If you’re spending money on innovation such as developing new products, processes or services or enhancing existing ones, you may be eligible for R&D tax relief.

Join Cambridge Network on this webinar in partnership with Deloitte to hear about this and upcoming changes to the R&D tax regime that businesses of all sizes should be aware of.

The UK’s R&D relief schemes provide generous tax credits to both SME and large companies, supporting investment in innovation in UK. HMRC statistics show that the number of R&D claims made by companies in UK has risen to 90,315 in 2021/22, resulting in £7.6billion of relief.

The Government have been consulting on reforming and simplifying the R&D tax regimes, and HMRC have increased focus on reducing the level of fraud and abuse from claims.

The R&D tax regimes are now undergoing further change, with the introduction of a new merged R&D regime and scheme for R&D intensive SMEs, as well as additional compliance burden on claimants. HMRC are also increasing scrutiny on R&D claims with additional resource focused on compliance checks and enquiries into R&D claims. With the number of changes and new reporting requirements for R&D claimants to navigate, this webinar will focus on:

* Recent changes to R&D regimes, including new merged R&D scheme and R&D intensive SMEs
* Additional Information Form and new reporting requirements
* R&D enquiries and HMRC’s approach
* Q&A

This session will be led by:

Reena Malde, Innovation Tax Director, Deloitte.
Iulia Motoc, Innovation Tax Consultant, Deloitte.

Cambridge Network members may attend free of charge
Non-members may also attend this session at a fee of £10 VAT

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