Rebuilding Your Business with a Hybrid Workforce

A healthy and connected workforce cannot exist in a 100 per cent remote environment – connection and social gatherings are essential components of the human experience. To lose these things is to destroy culture. PwC research found that 68 per cent of executives believe employees should be in the office at least three days a week to maintain company culture, but over half (55 per cent) of workers prefer to continue working remotely at least three days a week!

So, the million dollar question is how can leaders make hybrid working environments work effectively?

It begins with your people. Whether existing, returning, or new employees –  it’s through your people that you will make it work. From 21 June, your team need to be in the right roles, properly skilled in new ways of working and able to cope with what you ask of them in this new world of work. Are you ready?

In this session, The Smarter Futures Team will share with you Client Stories and Leadership Strategies about building and maintaining a resilient, hybrid workforce.

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