Should we trust our gut instinct?

The first in a new series of events hosted by our new Inspiring Women sector will be asking what exactly is a gut instinct and should we trust it?

Most of us will recognise that funny feeling we get when something is troubling us or when something just does not feel right. How many of us make decisions, sometimes very important ones, based on our feelings as opposed to looking for facts to base our decisions on?

If you are curious about decision making; often have to make quick or important decisions; sometimes question why certain decisions have been made or an advocate of facts over feelings, this event will be an ideal chance to share your thoughts, experiences and knowledge with the Cambridgeshire business community.

Join in a fascinating discussion style event to discover when and where we should, or should not, trust our gut instincts – both at work and at leisure.

We will be looking at cognitive diversity and real world experiences with Ben Miller and Simone Robinson from The Oakridge Centre – leaders in the improvement of human performance.

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