Technology and humanity, where next? Dr Stephen Cave: Institute for Technology & Humanity

Cambridge Network’s next technology talk will focus on the potential impact of technological change on humanity. The pace of technological transformation is accelerating, bringing both immense benefits and equally immense risks, from the climate crisis to the collapse of democracy. The University of Cambridge recently launched a new Institute for Technology & Humanity to examine how we can make the most of the opportunities and manage the risks. Cambridge Network welcomes Dr Stephen Cave, director of the new institute, to discuss how we can make rapid technological transformation go well for ourselves, our societies and our world.

The Institute is home to three University Research Centres: The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence and the Centre for Human-inspired AI. By integrating cross-centre strengths, facilitating synergies, and catalysing new collaborations, the Institute combines the arts, humanities and social sciences alongside the natural, health and technical sciences in order to address the great issues of our time.

The session will take place at 5-7pm on Tuesday 20th February. Please sign up to take part.

5pm Registration over coffee for 5.30pm talk. Talk ends about 6.30pm, event end at 7pm.

Cambridge Network members may attend free of charge.
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