The things every business needs to know about HMRC Compliance Requirements

Join this free webinar where Tom McGrath of ExportUnlocked will be talking about the requirements for HMRC Compliance and highlight areas where companies need to be vigilant.

There will be opportunities for a Q&A Session on the event, but please feel free to email any questions that you may have before the event so as we can try to cover the subject matter on the day.

Tom McGrath
Director Custom & Compliance Consultant – Export Unlocked

Tom spent his entire professional career in the Irish Customs & Excise Service.

Prior to his retirement, he was Head of Customs Audit Unit in Large Cases Division.

Since his retirement Tom took up appointment as a National Customs Trade & Compliance Manager for one of the World’s Leading Freight & Logistics Companies. He has also acted as an independent Consultant to one of the World’s Largest Accountancy Firms during which he has delivered Customs Training to various Government Semi State Organisations and Private Companies in various Countries. In conjunction with Consultation in respect of Customs Auditing, he currently advises Traders with their planning of SOP’s as part of their Compliance obligations in their preparation for Brexit.

During his career he spent four years as an Auditor/Investigator with the European Commission in Brussels and has travelled extensively throughout the World, auditing Commercial & Financial records. He was instrumental in the preparation & publication of an EU Customs Audit Manual. Prior to the accession of various Countries to the EU, Tom also delivered onsite Customs Audit Training to assist Customs Administrations in their preparation.


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