Time for Change Part 2: Leading the Revolution on Flexibility in the Workplace

Following on from the success of our first session on 1 July, which focused on the ‘nuts and bolts’ and legal implications of changing terms and conditions and dealing with flexible working requests, we are excited to bring to you the second in our 2 part instalment on flexibility in the workplace.

On Thursday 5 August you can join Katie Allen, Coach & Workplace Culture Consultant, and Will Farnell, Founder & Director of Farnell Clarke Ltd, as they discuss the practicalities of flexible working. Drawing from real life examples, Will and Katie will provide examples of how flexible working can be implemented in practical terms, sharing both the successes and set-backs they have experienced along the way.

As our workplaces return to a new normal, this will be a great opportunity to test theoretical plans against real life examples, and pick up some helpful tips for your own flexible working approaches.

In this 60 minute bitesize HR session they will cover:

  • What exactly IS hybrid working?
  • Culture and work environment
  • Communication and staff feedback
  • Balancing productivity, performance and wellbeing
  • Further Q&A

This is anticipated to be a great discussion and our speakers are happy to take questions throughout the session. Any questions you may have in advance are welcomed, or they can be submitted live on the day.


How to book

Register here > https://afx.one/47c7692a



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