Why DEI is not a “HR problem”

You can’t spell HERO without HR… but you also need the (C) E O too!

Since 2020, the value of HR teams has skyrocketed. We’ve become overnight experts in responding to a global pandemic, rolling out previously unimagined flexible working options, the front line in talent retention in “the great resignation” and solution architects in “the war for talent”. And now, HR leaders are expected to single handedly craft an operational plan to address racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, misogyny… the list goes on.  But the truth of the matter here is that there is no single department that can resolve the issues of an entire workplace culture.

So, if you’ve been on the end of a conversation like this…

  • We’re getting questions from people about what you (HR) are doing about diversity, equity and inclusion…
  • The leadership team has realised that there’s not much visible diversity in the organisation, so we’d like you (HR) to fix this…
  • We know you’re passionate about the culture here, we’d like you (just you) to take on the DEI responsibility as part of your role…

…Then join us on 7 July to hear from Katie Allen, DEI Specialist & Executive Coach and Founding Director of Katie Allen Consulting, for a 1-hour HR bitesize session to learn why you cannot achieve inclusion alone, and what steps you can take to secure leadership support and buy-in.

Katie is a member of our HR & Recruitment sector group. 

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