Would I Sci to You?

The relevant but irreverent science panel show from Cambridge Science Centre is back after a sell-out 2023!

This year QI’s Head Researcher, James Harkin; Youtube sensation, Holly Gabrielle; Director of Science and Entrepreneurship at the Babraham Research Campus, Kathyrn Chapman; and renowned physicist, Isaac Newton join 2023 winners Isabel Thomas (celebrated children’s science author) and Jason Mellad (scientist entrepreneur) to face off against an array of current affairs, bizarre research, mysterious objects, and each other’s tall (or not so tall) tales in this comedic, quick-fire event!

Hosted in The Junction’s J2 theatre and featuring people and organisations from across Cambridge and beyond, this is the ideal night out for a light-hearted and humorous look at the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) of everyday life.

Inspired by the popular formats of Would I Lie To You?, Have I Got News for You, and QI, this is perfect for the STEM-enthusiast, STEM-curious, quiz fan, or anyone who enjoys listening to interesting people chat about interesting things.

Produced by Cambridge Science Centre, Supported by the Cambridge Festival

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J2 Cambridge Junction CB1 7GX

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